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Orbit Plaza

Offering a medley of modern amenities, Orbit Plaza can be defined as a vibrant heterogeneous place in the most urbane environs of Crossings Republik - a high-rise township spread over 360 acres*. The enormous multistoried Orbit Plaza accommodates shopping outlets. Besides this, the plaza has a whole floor dedicated to recreation and rejuvenation, featuring a spa, saloon, gym, and banquet hall. Not to forget, the plaza comprises a large parking area as well.

Enjoying a prime location in Crossings Republik and close proximity to Noida, Greater Noida, New Delhi, airport, road, and rail terminals, Orbit Plaza caters to a captive clientele of more than thousands of residents of Crossing Republik, assisting in the management of their daily needs.

Orbit Plaza is a perfect shopping destination for any shopaholic, accommodating popular brands, stores, and showrooms. To satisfy one's food cravings, one can avail a palette from various regions of the world.

Unit Area
Crossings Republik


Caters To Captive Clientele of Thousands of Residents of Crossing Republik

Primly located & well-connected to the residential township that provides access to a massive captive audience, Orbit Plaza renders a delightful shopping experience to all its shoppers.

Located on Prime Location in Crossing Republik

Situated at the grand roundabout of Crossing Republik, Orbit Plaza offers a delightful shopping experience for shoppers from Delhi/NCR making their way to the plaza due to its remarkable connectivity to the city.

Joint Venture of Paramount & Ajnara

Incorporating recreation & rejuvenation in the Orbit Plaza with brilliantly designed shopping outlets of popular brands, food courts, workspaces and hotels is a feat made possible by the collaboration of the Paramount & Ajnara group.

Major Popular Brands Already Present

Crafted to cater to daily lifestyle and luxury needs, Orbit Plaza is well-known to house shops and stores of popular brands, be it local or International, under a single roof that people from far visit this shopping complex specifically to purchase from their favorite brands.


3 Metro Stations around your home

  • Saheed Sthal(New Bus Stand )Metro station 4.7 km*
  • Noida Electronic City 5.9 km*
  • Sector 62, Metro Station 6.2 km*

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