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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Looking For A 2 Bhk Flats In Ghaziabad

Pby paramount IN GENERAL PROPERTY 2023-05-02


May, 23

Ghaziabad is a well-planned city situated in National Capital Region (NCR) in Uttar Pradesh. The city has seen rapid development over a few years and made significant advancements in terms of infrastructure, public amenities, and even the IT sector. All these advancements have made Ghaziabad a perfect place for investments and start-ups. As a result, housing demand has also increased in the city. 

The city offers properties to buyers at various locations such as NH 24, Republik, Indirapuram, and many more. As a result, investment in property in Ghaziabad is the best option these days. However, do your research before investing. 

Benefits of living in a 2 BHK Flat

Living in a 2 BHK flat has numerous benefits. You will have a larger space to accommodate than 1 BHK flat. 2 BHK flats are suitable for you if other family members are guests who frequently visit you. 

Moreover, it will give you privacy and your partner can have their own space with two bedrooms. The other spare room is very necessary if you have young children who need their room to sleep in. 

The other benefits of having 2 BHK flats in Ghaziabad are increased amenities such as clubs, swimming pools, gyms, spa centres, and many more. If you want to access these facilities, a 2 BHK flat is a much better option than a 1 BHK. These are also easy to maintain although the maintenance charges would be higher than 1 BHK for much lesser than luxury homes. 

In terms of investment and returns, investing in 2 BHK flats is considered to be the best for medium-sized families or nuclear families. These flats are easily rented out and because of this affordability. Buying a 2 BHK flat is also a long-term investment. All these benefits make a 2 BHK flat more economical and a viable option. 

Factors to Consider While Looking for a 2 BHK Flats in Ghaziabad

Investing your money in real estate is a big challenge. You have to look into various factors before this. We have already seen the benefits of investing in 2 BHK flats. However, this is not enough. Let’s see a few key factors that play a very important role in buying 2 BHK flats. 

  1. Location

Location plays the most important thing to consider. The city is divided into various subdivisions and blocks. You have to consider in which area you want your flat. Generally, people look for a location near their office or college. 

Flats on NH 24 and Republik are preferred most due to the various amenities provided by these locations. They are well-connected with all the major offices and the IT sector and have the best retail brands and shopping centres. Moreover, the existence of connected roads and public transport makes it better. They are the hub of the best hospitals and schools. Due to its locational advantage, flats in these areas are most preferred. 

  1. Affordability

The next important thing you must consider is your budget. The price of apartments varies depending on the amenities provided, location, and many more. You have to decide how much you can afford to pay for the apartment. 

The budget does not only include the amount you will have to pay but also the maintenance charges, your monthly expenses, and other bills such as gas, water, wi-fi, and many more. There are many reputed builders in Ghaziabad, meet them and ask about the price of the apartments. 

  1. Basic Amenities

No questions asked but the amenities provided by the property will impact your life either directly or indirectly. So, you have to consider the amenities too before investing your money. The basic amenities include swimming pools, a garden, a clubhouse, spa centres, parks, playgrounds, and many more. These amenities will help you to relax after a long day. Don’t forget to take a look at the maintenance cost that you will have to pay every month for these amenities. 

  1. The reputation of the Developer

The most crucial thing is the reputation of the developer. This matters as some of the developers have a good track record of handing over large projects at the time. However, some of the developers do not have a good track and are continuously delayed. Research the builder before investing your money in the apartment.

Although there are many builders in Ghaziabad Paramount Group stands differently among them due to a good track record of delivering their projects at times. 

  1. Handover Timeline

Read the terms and conditions carefully and know about the handover time. If there is a delay in the handover of an apartment, the new date should be within six months which is also known as a grace period. However, if there is any delay beyond six months, the builder will have to pay the penalty to the buyer every month. 


Indeed, buying flats is not easy. There are many things you have to know and consider. It is always advisable to go to the property site and look for yourself at the local neighbourhood and the overall state of the building. 

If you are looking for 2 BHK flats in Ghaziabad, it is advisable to go with the branded builder to avoid any delays or pitfalls. Paramount Group is one of the most trusted builders around the NCR region and has been working for almost two decades now. They have a record of timely completion of all their projects. The flats are built in a modern style and provide all the basic amenities such as a garden, swimming pools, clubhouse, spa, wi-fi facility, and many more. Everything is taken care of whether it is security, amenities, or leisure. The flats are located in Crossings Republik and on NH 24. Flats on NH 24 are modern, and airy and are surrounded by beautiful lush greens to give you a peaceful atmosphere. Moreover, they are available at affordable prices. For more information contact the Paramount Group today.