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How To Differentiate Carpet Area From Built-Up Area

Pby paramount IN GENERAL PROPERTY 2021-08-21


Aug, 21

Every person wants to invest in luxury projects as they are the best deal where one can invest their hard-earned money. Usually people go to top real estate developers to get good deals for luxurious projects in minimal and affordable price. While purchasing a property, a top developer uses some terms that a normal person is unaware of. One of them is “Carpet Area”, which most people are unaware of. Mostly builders and dealers don’t give you an exact idea as to what carpet area is. Defining it here, carpet area is the actual area in the property one uses as its personal space. It is measured from wall to wall and is included in the property. Also, floor area is the same as carpet area. This won’t confuse you for the next time!
A builder would use three different terms related to this: carpet area, built-up area and super built-up area. Let us clear out the differences first. Built-up area is the sum of carpet area and the walls. It includes bedroom, living room, hall, kitchen, bathroom, utility area, balcony and shafts. In short, it constitutes of 70% of the usable area, that is the carpet area and 20% of the walls and 10% of the mandated areas by the authority like dry balconies, flower beds, etc.
Talking about super built-up, it is the area which is calculated by adding up the built-up area and the common area which includes corridor, lift lobby, lift, etc. A builder charges you on the basis of super built-up area. In some cases of including the common area, a builder might include amenities such as pool, garden, clubhouse, etc. Also, super built-up area is also known as the saleable area!
Going forward with the calculation of these areas, Carpet Area is 70% of the built-up area. And super built-up area is calculated by adding up the built-up area and the common area.
Looking at the fact that Builders and Developers usually price property based on super built-up area, being unaware of the basic difference between the terms leaves us running blind! Most of the times, the actual usable area is much more-lower than the super built-up area. There are times when the builder would charge you the price with account of the carpet area, but this is only possible in the rarest of the rarest cases. More than 90% of builders calculate the base cost on the basis of super built-up area, which means more the amenities, higher the area.
Although after the RERA Act 2016, a lot of things has been changed for the builders and in the property planning execution. It has now become the duty of the developers to make the buyers of the carpet area and the quote prices according to this and not the built-up area.