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5 things to know about rental agreements in Delhi NCR

Pby paramount IN GENERAL PROPERTY 2021-08-21


Aug, 21

Finding the right place for you is hard enough, and to add the hassle of getting into a rental agreements while considering the finer details does not make the task at hand easier! And the last thing you want in a new home is issues related to the agreements for the same. This might sound like much at first, but keeping the key things in mind can relieve most of the hard work and leave you with plenty of time and effort to focus your energy on settling in.

1. A legal contract : One can simply not stress on this enough! A legal contract not only protects the tenant but also the landlord from the unforeseen issues of disagreements that might occur during the tenure. Usually a legal contract states the term of agreements and some finer details which might get overlooked for a layman.

2. The Possibility of future sale : This might not sound like an important consideration, but absolutely is! In case in future, the owner gets an offer on the place and considers the sale, you wouldn’t want to end up scouting for another one. So keeping this in mind of mentioning this in the legal contract can save lot of troubles.

3. Know the trends : The case where the tenant ends up paying more than the current trend or ends up in a suboptimal situation is more common than you might expect. Doing some research about the locality and the current prices might provide some valuable insights while coming to terms with the other party.

4. State of the accommodation : It is paramount to specifically state the conditions in which the accommodation was taken in possession. Checking the functionality and conditions of the belongings should be on the top of the list. This not only takes any unwanted surprises out of the equation but also ensures that there will be no deductions regarding the damage to the property.

5. Background Check : The most important thing to do while getting into a rental agreements is to do a basic check about the other party involved with you. This can range form checking if the person has a criminal record or not, if they have a history of violence. This will ensure a safe conduct between the both parties.