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Four Quick Tips on Decorating Your Dream Villa

Pby paramount IN GENERAL PROPERTY 2021-08-21


Aug, 21

Interior decoration of homes is a tricky task, particularly if it is for lush spaces such as that of a villa.
A villa’s decoration is a reflection of the owner’s style and personal taste. But when done right, it also allows for a comfortable living space—just as the way you want it to be.
Here are some quick tips for decorating a villa.
1. Space Utilization
Because villas have large spaces—open as well as closed—they need to be utilized wisely. The right furniture and décor items need to fill in both interior and exterior spaces. The same goes for the foyer, garden, porch, and the driveway.
2. Thematic Decoration
A great idea for decorating villas is to find a theme or multiple themes to make it look different and classic. For instance, you can choose a regal look or go for a bohemian feel.
People also choose distinct themes for different spaces or rooms blending together the best. However, using a single theme to decorate certainly elevates the look and feel of the villa.
3. Lighting
The lighting is an important feature in a villa. Unlike smaller spaces, villas require ample lighting; poor lighting can create a dreary-looking space.
The exterior lights, for instance, can have an upward beam that brings out the vastness and beauty of the villa. The driveway lights should light the path and its contents. The porch can have a chandelier that can be combined with some LED lights at the tree bases. This will highlight the pathways and entrances to the villa. Inside the villa, you can use small illuminators along the stairs, chandeliers in the living rooms, and hanging lights in the corners.
4. Indoor and Outdoor Plants
Villas look best when they are lined with plants and trees. Not only do they “fill” space, they also “complete” the place.
Put little planters on the window sills throughout the house. You can also put them out on the porch. These planters can house seasonal flowers or herbs that you may use in the kitchen. The living room can have larger pots that aerate the space and offer a nurturing aura.