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Experience a luxurious lifestyle in Independent House in Greater Noida

Pby paramount IN GENERAL PROPERTY 2022-06-10


Jun, 22

Privacy is a feature that most home buyers desire when purchasing their ideal home. Every member of the family wants a quiet, tranquil, and undisturbed room at home where they can focus on their activities without distractions in today's times when work from home and online schooling has become the new normal. Individual homes provide occupants with solitude, but they are expensive, making them unaffordable for many. Additionally, security is a major problem with individual houses, and a lack of facilities is another negative.

When it comes to having a huge and safe location that provides you freedom of independence while giving all the amenities and pleasures you need, nothing matches a luxury independent house in Greater Noida.

Leading real estate Company in Noida Paramount Group presents Paramount Golfforeste offering luxurious independent houses for sale in Greater Noida to bridge the gap and deliver the best housing experience to home-buyers.

This gated community independent house in Greater Noida is nestled in a lush and tranquil layout spread across 90 acres of land, right on the 130-meter-wide road. The residents have complete privacy and an uninvaded place where they may enjoy their pastimes in contemporary design luxury homes.

Every independent house in Greater Noida has a garden where residents may enjoy the soothing pastime of gardening while also growing food for their needs.

Along with solitude, a very active and socially linked existence with other residents is possible, including a communal gathering in the huge area of the Gated community dedicated to it.

These wonderfully constructed independent houses are equipped with incredible amenities, and the community is secured 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assure the inhabitants' safety.

A Healthy Living Away from Pollution

Individuals who live in the city are deprived of a healthy lifestyle due to the city's busy lifestyle. In today's society, everyone has realized the value of health and participates in gyms, yoga, and other physical activities to live a healthy lifestyle. The location of one's residence is quite important in this case. People should avoid pollution and opt for a natural, unpolluted setting, such as Paramount Golfforeste in Greater Noida, which provides a less polluted, healthy atmosphere amidst natural beauty and peace. Hundreds of trees scattered across 90 acres of lush land provide a canopy of greenery for this luxury independent house in Greater Noida. Aside from the natural grandeur that surrounds these independent houses, each one has open spaces for bringing inhabitants closer to nature and giving them the option of private gardening.

Awe-inspiring comfort and luxury facilities

The independent house in Greater Noida comes with a broad range of facilities and is located inside the secure limits of the Gated Community. Features include a world-class state of art clubhouse to host fun parties for friends and family, a fully furnished Gymnasium for workout sessions, Indoor Courts for sports such as Badminton, Tennis, and Squash, and a Meditation center for blissful meditation sessions in the lush green environment of the community. All of these elements assist inhabitants in leading a pleasant and self-sufficient existence inside the society's protected borders.

The luxury house for sale in Greater Noida at Paramount Golfforeste is genuinely the owner's pride, with amazing amenities for comfort, green and pure atmosphere for healthy living, and ultimate seclusion to live life to the utmost.