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What’s ‘Choose Your Neighbour’ Initiative?

Pby paramount IN GENERAL PROPERTY 2021-08-21


Aug, 21

The Paramount Group has launched a Choose Your Neighbour Offer, which is a unique scheme benefitting its customers. That’s right—this is a scheme where every party benefits.
The scheme allows homebuyers to choose their neighbours by recommending Paramount properties to their friends and relatives. The scheme is applicable to Paramount’s Emotions, Tulip, Symphony, Golfforeste Villas, and Floraville landmark projects.

What do you need to do?
You simply need to register yourself to avail the scheme.
In addition, share your friends and relatives contact and help them buy a property with the Paramount Group.

What are the benefits?
Your references will be registered with the Group. If one of your references buys a property with the Paramount Group, they will get a 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner to beat the Indian summer.
And, you will have a chance to receive a handsome referral incentive i.e. rewarding monetary benefits.
Have a look at the remarkable incentive table:

If you are confused about choosing between a villa and a flat in an apartment complex, here are a few things to consider while making a real estate investment. Whether it is for living or as an investment, buying a house will be one of life’s biggest expenses. That is why it is important to choose the right property with care.

Houses are known to be solid forms of investment over the years. Whether it is for resale or for renting out, they certainly yield commendable income.
Villas get you the feel of independent house along with the benefits of housing societies. It typically comprises a series of independent houses grouped together based on their amenities. The owners of villas would have the ownership of independent units and offer more privacy. Villas are with serene surroundings to dwell without noises through the walls or footfalls on ceiling etc. In the flats of apartment complexes, thumping sounds on the ceiling and voices through the walls don’t get us peaceful living. Moreover, balconies and windows of different units in apartments allow for peeking into neighbouring units.

Independent villas are quite spacious even for extra car parking and gives younger members of the family to play around. The location of villas is free from the heavy influence of air and noise pollution. It has all the benefits of community living without hassle city lifestyle. If you are not a great fan of crowds, apartment is certainly not a good choice. The areas get well crowded during holidays and the use of gyms, pools and other facilities become hard on weekends.
Last but not least, for a better long-term investment, villas often yield better returns and its prices appreciate at a much higher rate. We hope you find this blog helpful to judge well as per your own preferences.

Things to Remember
Note that the scheme is available for the existing customers or allotees only. The scheme cannot be transferred to new customers. All decisions regarding the scheme will be taken by the Paramount Group and will be considered final.
If you are interested in surrounding yourself with your loved ones, register with the Paramount Group immediately.