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Benefits Of Living In An Independent House In Greater Noida

Pby paramount IN GENERAL PROPERTY 2023-05-02


May, 23

Many people want to invest their money in their own homes as this forms lifetime assets for them. They have different ideas for their dream house. Real estate owners have understood the desires of buyers as several pieces of land and villas are for sale in and around Greater Noida.

What is an Independent House?

Do you often come up with the term independent house but do not know the meaning of this? 

These days, a new term for housing is trending, i.e. independent house. However, the concept of an independent house is not new. It has been in India since ancient times. Let’s know the basic concept of an independent house.

An independent house is defined as a house constructed on their land. It covers its own set of boundary walls. This means that the person who owns the land and the land on which the house is built is the same. These houses normally exist in independent compounds. The owner of the land is free to construct their houses on their land in whatever way they want. 

Greater Noida has been seeing a rise in apartments and flats but it does not mean that there are no takers of independent houses. The price of land is increasing at a faster rate than the rate of apartments. However, there are differences between independent houses and apartments. 

Independent houses are preferred by people as they can build their homes according to their preferences and liking. Moreover, these can be customized as per the owner’s wish. 

Difference Between Apartments and Independent Houses 

Do you wonder about the differences between apartments and independent houses? Take a look at these differences between apartments and independent houses. 

  1. Cost:

While buying an apartment, buyers do not have to do much as the contractor takes the responsibility for all the legal contracts. They just have to pay the amount which depends on various factors such as location, amenities provided, and many more. After buying an apartment, buyers just need to move in. However, buying costs are much higher in cases of independent houses as it includes the price of the parcel, stamp duties that will be paid to the government, and many more. This is why most people prefer living in flats. There are 2 and 3 BHK flats in Greater Noida available. 

  1. Maintenance:

There are not any hassles in the case of apartments as everything is taken care of against the maintenance charges. In the case of independent houses, the owners have to go through the hassles of maintenance. 

  1. Safety:

The apartment building is monitored through CCTV footage every time ensuring the safety of all the people. In independent houses, the owners may install CCTV footage if they want to, but again it is an additional expense. There are houses for sale in Greater Noida.  

  1. Amenities:

No questions asked but the apartment comes with an array of amenities including clubs, gyms, and swimming pools making it convenient to live in. These amenities could be built in independent houses too, but the cost will be too high. 

Benefits of Living in an Independent House in Greater Noida?

Independent houses have always been an important part of our country since ancient times. What benefits do they provide? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits provided by independent houses in Greater Noida. 

  1. Your Own Home:

It is a wonderful privilege to have your own home. Your own home is your personal space and gives you the best opportunity to invest your money. Moreover, having your own home gives you your space and a protective environment for your family. There are several areas in Greater Noida where you can find independent homes easily. 

  1. Freedom to Design:

This is the biggest advantage that an independent house has to offer. Apartments limit your creativity as you won’t be able to design it in the way you want. However, you are free to design your independent house according to your theme and creativity. You can decorate and redecorate it as many times as you want. Moreover, the renovation also becomes hassle-free. 

  1. A Terrace to Yourself:

Isn’t it wonderful to have your private terrace and decorate it the way you want? There are building societies that restrict the entry of people into their terraces, thus, limiting your space. Having a terrace to yourself is indeed a luxury for urban people. You have full access to your terrace. You can invite your friends and family and can have fun on the terrace. Moreover, you can organize parties there too. Doesn’t it sound wonderful to have a party on a terrace?

  1. Status Symbol:

If you live in an independent house in Greater Noida, you will have your own garden, garage, and regular benefits that are not available in the apartments. There will be no shared walls or boundaries. Moreover, you can enjoy a great view from your house. 

To some extent, having your own home also increases your status in society as it is a symbol of sophistication and luxurious life. 

  1. Pet-Friendly:

If you have a pet, you are aware that pets love outdoor space. However, this is not possible in apartments as the space is limited. In such cases, independent houses are considered to be the best option as your beloved pet will get an abundance of outdoor space. Moreover, they will be free from heavy car traffic, making independent houses much safer for pets. 

  1. Amenities:

This goes without saying but villas or independent houses offer various amenities that an apartment could not. These amenities ensure a good standard of living too. For example, 24*7 water supply and many more. 


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