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How To Install A Swing Set In Your Foreste Villa Backyard

Pby paramount IN GENERAL PROPERTY 2021-08-21


Aug, 21

There are several benefits that a villa owner enjoys over an apartment owner. From bigger spaces to personal privacy, everything is a delight to have. And one such important feature is of owning a backyard.

A backyard can be utilised in multiple ways such as gardening, barbeque parties, open gymnasium, playground for children etc. If you want to turn your ForesteVilla backyard into a playground for children, swing set is a must. Let’s see what the points are to be considered before installing a proper swing set for children.

Choose a modular and durable swing set

While buying a swing set keep in mind that both children and adults are fond of them. Consider a swing set which is modular, so that you can add or remove pieces according to your needs. Also, such a swing set will grow along with your children to give them a sense of companionship. Durability is also an important factor keeping in mind children’s safety. Test the swing sets properly in the stores before making a purchase. According to the experts swing sets must be at least 8 inches above the ground and 4 feet away from any fixed construction.


Find the perfect placement

Luxury projects in Delhi NCR often have a lot of open spaces and sunshine. In summers it will tough to enjoy swings under the sun. Hence, it is extremely important to place your swing sets in such a manner that they are both safe and convenient for children.

The ground on which swing set is to be installed must be levelled and free of any hazardous materials such as bricks, rocks, concrete etc. Any kind of tree branches or overhead wires should also be avoided.

A clear area should be maintained. As stated before, any kind of fixed construction should be at least 4 feet away.

Consider installing your swings in an area which is clearly visible from at least one window of the home. That’s how you can keep an eye on the activities.

As we talked of sun before, try to install swing set in an area away from the direct sunlight. The metal material can become too hot to give burns or rashes.


Precautionary Measures

To reduce the risk of injury in case of a fall, some extra measures must be taken to make swings sets safer. Prepare a 12-inch deep sand area, almost 6 feet around the swing to keep it safe. This will provide a cushion fall and any major injuries could be avoided.

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